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Driftless® Fine Water

Natural . Raw . Unique

Packaged only in glass for optimal taste and health,
and with naturally high levels of magnesium and calcium
for a chill, smooth mouth feel and refreshing taste.

Water is not just water.

It has a terroir, a sense of place, a uniqueness akin to fine wines.
As rainfall filters through our landscapeof ancient layers of rock
and sands, our water gathers and is protected deep underground.

Proud to be a member of the

Fine Water Society

Proud winners of three international awards in the natural water
categories! One for taste in Sweden, Athens, and also in China. (2019)


We are a small, “craft” water company, owned and managed by our family. We bottle only in glass, leaving no aftertaste, and less waste.


Driftless® Fine Water is different in that we believe the best thing for a healthy body is what nature has made for us–naturally.


Proud to be featured at local specialty foods stores and food co-op's, to exercise studios, spas, coffee shops, bookstores, and finer restaurants!


All of the good stuff, none of the bad!

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We would love to have you enjoy our water or make it available to your customers!

Driftless® Fine Water Awards

Proud to be the 2ND BEST TASTING water in the world!

Driftless Water News

Follow our stories, adventures, and how people are enjoying Driftless® Fine Water.

Fine Water is a natural product with terroir that holds experiences and creates wellness.” – Dr. Michael Mascha