1. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2019 – We are proud to represent the United States as the only award-winning medalist in the International Water Tasting Competition.

2. Guangzhou, China, June 2019 – WaterExpo Water Tasting Competition 2019 SILVER medal for Natural Still Water.

3. Athens, Greece–Fine Water Tasting Competition – Natural Waters, Low Minerality Category, Bronze Medalist.


WHY DOES DFW taste so good to win these awards?

In the center of a lush and rolling landscape of bluffs, hidden valleys, forest, savannah, and wetlands, there is abundant rainfall that flows and gathers into Driftless Fine Water’s unique 10,000-year-old aquifer.

Karst geology is unique to this region. Coulees and bluffs and dramatic landscapes are the norms. In some cases that mean poorly filtered water through karst rock formations, and rapid runoff. In contrast, our source is our private aquifer, deep within the earth, and our well is drawing at the St. Lawrence layer. The water is drawn from our aquifer after having slowly and naturally filtered through limestone bluffs, nutrient-rich natural soils, clay, and finally, pristine sand.

Dedicated to environmental enhancement and protection, Driftless Waters has managed the soils and the water for decades for a balanced ecosystem, resulting in the highest quality of all-natural water. 



Why does bottling sustainably matter in the huge marketplace of bottled water?

Driftless Fine Water is committed to water quality issues in our area and throughout the midwest and Great Lakes, and by harvesting this unique water at a sustainable rate–that draws much less than what nature provides annually on just one acre. Only glass bottles are used, preserving the integrity of the water’s taste, and there are no high-capacity wells that might damage the ecosystem. Instead, Driftless Fine Water is committed to carefully manage the land and water, limiting the harvest from deep within this protected aquifer

Driftless Fine Water is something special. It is water as nature intended, full of minerals, delicious in taste, and naturally formed. This water represents the best of this ancient, protected land. 

We are committed to growing wisely, limiting our output, living lightly on this land while bringing to you this natural, good for you. refreshment. 

Along the way, we hope to contribute in significant ways to water management and quality initiatives throughout the region–that’s the mission.