Award Winning Water

Two international awards in 2019, just before the shutdowns in competition in 2020, and the difficulties of 2021.  Meanwhile, we celebrate the acknowledgement of what our fine water brings to the world of unique bottled waters worldwide!

JDH Fall 2021


Water respect is a crucial step in environmental sustainability

We know we are lucky to have such great water from our source–and we also know that more and more people are coming to appreciate and respect this precious resource as so much of the world experiences contamination via poor land and industrical management, drought, and lack of infrastructure to deliver clean and safe water to so many. 

The first step in any call to action is understanding the scope and the challenges we face.  As fine waters are tasted and better understanding of why water tastes so different, particularly all natural water, our hope is this will garner the understanding that land and water management is crucial for our enjoyment, and also for our survival. 

JDH Winter 2021